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Augmented reality is a technology used to superimpose information on what a person sees. The information may include images and sounds superimposed on the vision and audio of an individual. Augmented reality does not work like virtual reality where the person is immersed in a computer environment but rather; it adds to the real environment.  It can be considered as a Tran human technology though it was discovered some years back. In the 1990s, aircraft, heads-up displays used to show direction, altitude and the speed of the craft. Later, the technology was used to detect field targets.  Read more great facts on why augmented reality is important, click here. 


There has been enormous research by various technological giants such as Google and universities towards developing augmented reality. The MIT Group presented the sixth sense which was a device that combined a camera, smartphone, mirror and small projector. Google developed the Google glass which allowed the position of the device on the eyes. Later, Google pulled the glass but is still working on another version.  For more useful reference regarding how does augmented reality work, have a peek here. 


Most of the people will test augmented reality using their smartphone. Other devices are being developed to enhance this technology. An example of this technology is Vito Technology star walk app. It allows the user to point a camera in their smartphone to the sky.  They can get the names of stars and planets superimposed on the image. Smartphone and GPS allow users to collect information in their surrounding and displays it on their screens such as restaurants around, stores and important things the person is interested in. 


There are certain apps for the tablets and phones that are able to communities with objects. The AR coloring book by Disney allows you to color a character on a conventional book and launch the app on the device. The application then accesses the camera and uses it to sense which character you are coloring. With application of 3D technology, it will recreate the characters icing the software. 


Research on the advancement of AR is being done. The functionality of contact lenses and other devices that would operate with less assistance are being tested.  The goal of AR is to help people naturally immerses themselves in an environment that is suitable to their lifestyle. As such, smart glasses and same phones might not hold for so long. The device that will replace these will overdo in the course of time. Private concerns were one of the ethical concerns raised about the Google glass.